Black Crow Photography: Day 7 & 8
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I started doing photography back in the day using film! I will always have that one special place in my heart for the film, but the rest of my heart goes to the digital side. I love catching the candid shots, they are so real and simple, and shows real personality. Follow along as I learn this new world that I am entering, and have so much to learn from... I love shooting natural light shots (Outside). And if you have a place that you would like to have your photo shoot I will be more then happy to accommodate. My new thing is coming to your home and shooting the family in the Master Bed room. It gives the portrait such a family closeness I think you'll really love! Contact me if you would like to schedule a shoot.


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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 7 & 8

I don't log onto my blog as much as I should, so here is Day 7 & 8. We had our good friends Britney & Ryan come over for dinner on Friday. Soon enough (a month or so) they'll have their own little one to play with. They are so cute with my kids, and my kids love them!

Day 7

Day 8
One of our favorite things to do since Aunt Abby made cheer, is going to her games... Football and now basketball! Cleora LOVES cheering with the team so I thought we'd take a picture of her together with her favorite cheerleader!

Of course we had to make cookies before the game...

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