Black Crow Photography: August 2009
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I started doing photography back in the day using film! I will always have that one special place in my heart for the film, but the rest of my heart goes to the digital side. I love catching the candid shots, they are so real and simple, and shows real personality. Follow along as I learn this new world that I am entering, and have so much to learn from... I love shooting natural light shots (Outside). And if you have a place that you would like to have your photo shoot I will be more then happy to accommodate. My new thing is coming to your home and shooting the family in the Master Bed room. It gives the portrait such a family closeness I think you'll really love! Contact me if you would like to schedule a shoot.


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Photo shoot ever!

"The Red Hen"- You can tell this was a posed picture. I need to learn to do something with the skin. I wanted her to look natural and soft. Not so much.
"The Look"- I edit this picture in Picasa Photo editing. I blurred the edges of the picture and added more light to the fill light. He was not aware that I was taking pictures of him, so this is a natural pose. LOVE the more natural poses!
"The Gift"- They need to be brightened up a bit with a soft look. They didn't know I was taking a picture, and this picture turned out better then some that were posed.
"Eric's Window"- Eric has a traditional pose, Im not a huge fan of this, but it was the only one that turned out ok. I like the blue on red coloring though. I would like to make his skin look a little more bright, and soft.
"Tip Toes"- I always love a cute feet picture. I made this one sepia because I wanted the antique look to it. Its an alright picture, but wish I would've come from a different angle to get the on going railroad track behind them. Still have lots to learn.
"Orange Sky"-I played around with Picasa photo editing with this photo. I warmed up the colors a bit to bring the orange out. I also tinted the sky with a bit of orange to match the sweater. This photo reminds me of peace.
"The Brown Door"- I like the antique look here, and the mix of brown and red. Again I would like to learn how to make the skin look a little more softer.
"The Blue Bird"- Eric was easier to shoot, but he was still hard to pose. I love the colors in this. Lots of blue between his shirt & jeans, the wall & stairs and the reflection of the sky in the door. I like this picture but would like to learn how to soften the skin. A lot has to do with the lighting but I can't figure it out.
"Blue Birds"- This was my first shoot, Cassidie and Eric were kind enough to let me shoot them. From this shoot I learned that short skirts are not in favor of Photography. It is hard to position the model in a sitting position.